Decision on "amicus curiae" in Case of journalists and Agnes Uwimana Nkusi Mukakibibi Saidath before the Supreme Court of Kigali

The 17/02/2012, Supreme Court of Kigali returned to the case of two journalists Uwimana Nkusi Ms. Agnes sentenced to 17 years imprisonment by the High Court and Ms. Saidath Mukakibibi, Editor, sentenced to 7 years in prison by the same court. It must decide on the request by the lawyers of the Article 19 about "Amici Curiae" and communicate the date of the verdict of the trial.

Early in the session, the court gave various examples in countries where the system is applied including Amicus Curiae United States, Canada, England, Germany, France, etc.. but its application varies from country to country. He added that this system is accepted on conditions including that in case his involvement provides useful elements for the court. The court added that in the conclusions of Amici Curiae received by the court, there are no new elements compared to what was said by the defendants and their lawyers ; it's more repetitions. The court indicated that it admits having received their request and finally concluded that this claim is rejected due to lack of new evidence that may be useful in court. Pronouncement of judgment will be heard 13 March 2012, to annonce the tribunal. Remember that this appeal trial began before the Supreme Court the 30 /01/2012.

LIPRODHOR – Kigali, February 2012.

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